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NorCo Roofing is a DBA of One Way Project Management. One Way is located in Greeley, Co and is a 1-stop shop for real estate. The company was founded by Seth Bunting, Jordan Beck and Steffen Bunting in 2014. The three have been partners in real estate investment from as far back as 2008. Much knowledge and experience was gained during the
recession. They specialized in "fix and flips", buying foreclosures, remodeling them and lease optioning them to sell within 18 months. Within a down turned market it is imperative to find ways to save money to make the deal worth it. This is the same value they hold to now.

Roofing was always one of the most expensive parts of a project. Well, "If you can't beat them, join them". The three started a construction company and a property management company, now offering the services they had been performing for themselves to the general public. They truly desire to build companies that will uplift the surrounding community and deliver a superior service to folks in NOCO. Their understanding of all around construction gives them an edge when faced with difficult issues be it roofing, drainage or leaking. They currently remodel existing homes, build new homes and perform maintenance on a diverse portfolio of
properties. It is important to have an extensive knowledge of construction when dealing with roofing. They have had to use their experience to help troubleshoot a plethora of tricky roofing issues.

Storm Damage

Residential Roofing

HOA's Condos Appartments


Company Video

Happy family that had a roof repaired by NorCo


NorCo Roofing was created to offer clients in Northern Colorado an affordable, care- free roofing experience. Originating out of a Real Estate investment company, we understand that Real Estate and home repairs can cause some very intense stress.


So our goal is to give our clients peace-of-mind in their roofing projects, and to allow them to go on with their ordinary lives while we resolve their home repairs.


There are four main Cornerstones that NorCo operates from

Faith: They make it their ambition to put others before themselves in business. They believe that treating each client/employee with honor and respect will lead to eventual community transformation. Even if it starts within their immediate community. They believe in serving people as Jesus did and choosing the selfless path. This Cornerstone is reflected within the next two cornerstones personal connection/upfront communication and honest/itemized billing.

Honesty: Honesty is best put on display by vulnerability. Vulnerability in business is displayed through itemized billing and a clear contract. NorCo believes with fine print comes fine print dreams. They are bold individuals with bold dreams. Their hope is that your experience with NorCo will be a transparent one.

Communication: Personal connection is fleeting in this cyber World we live in. Seth, Jordan and Steffen are daily reminded of the importance of good communication. They are focusing their businesses around the idea that communication makes for a better transaction all
around. Good business is accomplished through good communication. NorCo's goal is to give the client a clear understanding of what is involved, when they can expect the project to be completed (dependent on weather) and an accurate estimate (with understanding that they cannot see through shingles

Leave Well: When you flip a house it is very important to "Leave well". Otherwise, you get calls from the new buyers, which is no fun. That is why NorCo's fourth cornerstones is to leave the property better than they found it. The roof should obviously be better, but they also include a free gutter cleaning with every install and a cleaning of the effected areas after completion of the roof. Their hope is that each client might become a lifelong client.



Residential roofing

Asphalt shingles, Flat rolled roofing, Modified flat roof, Metal roofing


Modified flat roofing, Torch on, Metal roofing, TPO roofing systems

Roof repairs

Hail damage, Leaking, Rotted wood, Roof re-frame

Roof inspection and certification - Real estate certification

  • $400/year certification

  • Certification includes leak proofing and leak proof maintenance (subject to inspection, see contract for further specifications)

  • Gutters

  • Siding

  • Painting

  • Remodel

  • Call for full list of services

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OneWay Property Management
Thourough Roof Inspections
Service Family Homes
Commercial Roofing
Roof Analysis



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